End to End Consulting services 

We provide consulting services, and collaborate with your team from the inception of an idea, to its project launch. We work with your technological team in contributing our know-how, experience and technical skillsets in the development and implementation process.

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Codepaix Consulting is a specialist Information Technology consulting company based in USA. Our specialized services include professional IT administration services covering the areas of servers, workstations & laptops, and network maintenance. We provide cost-effective customized IT solutions throughout Asia.

Codepaix Consulting is operating since 2010. We provide consultancy and integration services to corporate clients ranging in varied sizes from small and medium start-ups to large organizations. Our comprehensive technology solutions allow our clients to work more effectively to increase their business productivity. Our expertise lies in following industry accepted project management methodologies and strategies. We thrive to serve our clients in solving business related technology solutions in best possible manner by delivering professionally managed IT solutions and services.

We assist in

  • Set up and installation of computer software and hardware
  • Troubleshooting and rolling out computer software and hardware
  • Purchasing and acquiring computer software and hardware
  • Development of customized software
  • Website development and maintenance