Introducing mobility in your business

Every business is becoming a Mobile Business. Mobile devices have totally transformed the way people live, communicate and work.
Codepaix helps organizations design and implement mobile and digital strategies to deliver outstanding customer experience and develop new markets. We provide consulting and software development services: mobile, omnichannel and digital strategy consultancy and design, application development and enterprise architecture, testing and maintenance.

Our strengths

We strive to design and develop highly innovative applications and solutions that deliver significant value to our clients’ ecosystem. Let’s take a closer look at our strengths, which are the drivers to a successful mobile strategy.

User Experience Design

Whether for B2C or for B2B, a well-designed application needs to stand out from the crowd and accelerate customer adoption. It’s not only about the quality of the User Interface, but about how intuitive the app is, how well it performs, how reliable it is, and how appropriate and relevant the content is. 
Responsive design is now the norm of all great apps. We’ve delivered many responsive websites and web apps which work across a wide range of devices and all focus on User Experience, easy navigation and are fast-loading.
We also have extensive experience building native applications on iOS, Android, and Windows-based mobile devices.

Integration with back-end systems

Websites, mobile apps and back-end applications and repositories need to display consistent, up-to-date information, especially for customer-facing apps. We address this early on in the design phase to perfectly integrate websites, apps and back-end systems and repositories.


Security needs to be at the core of the architecture and design when formulating a B2B or B2C mobile strategy. Data stores and back-end services need to be hardened against malicious attacks. We use proven cryptographic algorithms and protocols to meet security requirements. We perform exhaustive testing, such as penetration testing and threat modeling.


Agile and especially the Scrum methodology allow us to deliver outstanding outcomes for mobile apps development. Beyond web-based software development, mobile developers face very strict boundaries like memory, screen size, input devices, battery capacity, short application life cycles, and extreme usability requirements. That’s why mobile application developers need to become quick in dealing with all of the variables in the development and deployment life cycle. Our 7 years of experience in Scrum is a key asset to carry out your project.

Dedicated team

B2C and B2B apps require skillful teams who understand your business and can build the right product quickly. Moreover, mobile apps are usually updated and released every 6 months or less. In this environment, building a dedicated outsourcing team makes sense to ensure quality and relevancy in your app development. We create dedicated offshore teams, starting from 5 team members, tailored specifically for customers’ individual requirements.

Integrate APIs for agility and security

Using APIs is key to build a well designed App. Your apps will be easier to maintain, update and will also be more secure. But handling APIs requires specific, hard to find skills. Our current business flow allows us to maintain skilled teams able to deal with API. Our training team constantly updates the development teams’ knowledge of most well-known APIs.