Our model is based on assembling the right development team for the specific needs of your project, and working with you through our Agile development process. To better adapt to your specific software development needs and preferred engagement model, we provide 3 models of engagement for our offshore development center services: ODC Classic, ODC Branded and ODC Trust.

Our working process focuses on Agile Development, while adapting to your existing development methodology and processes to make sure the integration of the team in your technical environment is as smooth as possible at the early phase of the project. For brand new and full cycle projects, we recommend our customer apply Scrum, as it has proven to be an effective software development methodology that brings tremendous value: high quality product, frequent deliverable, continuous improvement, alignment of skill sets and highly motivated teams.

Major advantages of our ODC services:

Effective Agile/Scrum methodology with a strong focus on teamwork and collaboration with customer

Lower cost of delivery through standardization, simplification, process harmonization & scale leverage

Faster turn around and shorter time-to-market to put you ahead of the competition while lowering development costs

Knowledgeable, dedicated and stable team members to help establish a well-defined methodology or process for the client and apply it continuously to improve speed and efficiency

English speaking environment to reduce misunderstandings between the client and the team