Our Offshore Testing Center (OTC) services help customer outsource software testing at lower cost and lower risk. Like our ODC services, we offer tailored, dedicated testing teams with required skill sets and experience. The teams can adapt to your specific working processes, testing needs and technology choices to ensure tight alignment with your customer’s need.

By using our OTC service, customers can maximize the advantages of offshore outsourcing while keeping control of the testing budget, confidentiality, security, communications and daily performance.

We have also proved that Agile and Lean thinking can be successfully applied to software testing to improve internal/external collaboration, increase productivity, shorten the feedback loop, reduce waste and generate more business value to our customers. We offer Agile testing teams to bring these benefits to your project.

Major advantages of our OTC services:

High offshore cost-effective compared traditional outsourcing, fixed monthly cost and no overhead

Rapid scaling up/down at a short notice. Better control over testing plan/process and also the testing budget

Modern and secured workstation /network /communication infrastructure

Full intellectual property rights protection based on Swiss law