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Web Apps are rapidly evolving in the context of changing technology, new form factors, faster connectivity and the new role of apps and web sites in the user experience in many industries. Expectations are high that companies deliver powerful web apps and web sites for internal use, but also for customers and partners. User Experience expectations are higher than ever, and apps have become very agile to adapt to changes of requirements, features, and the general user and customer experience.

Web apps are not just about automating business processes, sharing information and managing transactions anymore.

Our strengths


Customer-centric approach

Usability is the best way to make your app stand out in a crowded market. Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, we develop apps based on where they fit in your customer journeys, and based on your specific business objectives in the context of the customer journeys. Our agile approach allows us to then develop apps interactively to take advantage of internal and external feedback, and we will work with you to revise the app to truly deliver the user experience your customers expect.
This customer-centric approach is applied throughout the software development cycle. User Experience is heavily driven by the quality of the User Interface, and tested across platforms and form factors for usability and functionality to ensure the app is intuitive, performs well, is reliable and relevant to users. 
We have delivered many responsive websites and web apps which work across a wide range of devices (iOs, Android, Windows) and focus on User Experience, easy navigation and speed. We will create a team with the right mix of experience and skill-sets that is tailored to the specifics of your software offering.


With more than 50 developers working on web apps, our portfolio is a composite of websites written on different platforms using different programming languages. We have developed the following products:

Company websites

E-commerce website

Enterprise Solutions: BPM, BI, CRM, ERP

Search Engine


Agile and Scrum methodology allow us to deliver outstanding outcomes for outsourcing app development. Unlike native software development, web app developers face very strict constraints like screen size, input devices and extreme usability requirements. That’s why, to be efficient, web application developers need to integrate all the aspects of UI, usability constraints and goals to quickly deliver quality web apps that will meet your business requirements. Our 7 years of experience in Scrum are a critical asset to your project.

Dedicated team

B2C and B2B apps require skillful outsourcing teams who understand your business and can build the right product quickly. Moreover, web apps require frequent updates. In this environment, building a dedicated team ensures quality and continuity of your app development throughout the numerous iterations that we will produce over the years. We offer dedicated offshore teams, starting from 5 team members, with the specific skill sets needed for your project and the ability to work closely with you on a daily basis.