Creating Custom Apps With Agile Principles

We develop customised software for the cloud using the Agile Manifesto principles. Our work processes are collaborative to facilitate effective communications with our customers, and to anticipate project needs. Together with the customer, we

  • Identify system needs
  • Definefunctionalities and workflows
  • Schedule of items and deliverables
  • Anticipate unforeseen setbacks
  • Deal with contingencies

Codepaix is one of the leading custom software development company offering outsource custom software development, enterprise software products and consulting and professional services. Whether you are an enterprise, organization, SME/SMB or just starting up, we help you build powerful custom and secure software solutions for a rocksolid business foundation. 

Advantages of our custom software development solutions

We understand that every business is unique in itself; our custom software solutions can fix specific problems right from the onset, meets your exclusive requirements and makes your workflows faster, easier, extremely streamlined and highly efficient.

Our bespoke software build gives you complete flexibility, reduced information security risks and tailormade maintenance and support.

We are driven by a highly competent team of professionals who are highly conversant with and speak the language of software development.

Range of custom and ondemand coding skill sets.

Our team gets to the core of your product to identify the key issues interfering with its everyday performance, proposes solution or adapts to the modifications, as required, to get keep you up and going. We also help you redevelop your software product to manage the load, scale up your business rapidly overcoming barriers with our solid domain knowledge, wellthoughtout and reviewed architecture and granular approach to development.