Established in 2010 as a IT offshore company in USA, Codepaix quickly became a leading offshore development company in the country. Our clients have built trusted, long term partnerships with us based on multiple factors:

Our highly interactive project management approach allows you the opportunity to be involved in every step of the project. A high degree of collaboration between you and the development team will be achieved through regular development cycles, known as sprints or iterations, at the end of which each team must present a potentially shippable incremental product.

It is easy to course-correct, improve and revise by continuously refining the product backlog to deliver the most business value. Our advanced Agile approach is guaranteed to yield predictable and positive outcomes.

With flexible, customized teams and working process outsourcing development teams will be customized to your unique needs. Each member is assigned to match your requirements. We ensure that each developer brings the right skills to the team. We understand that business culture is very unique to each company, thus we can adapt to your own business working process to ensure the efficiency of your project.


Excellent and talented team


Diversification of skills

We have more than 50 developers & testers from different educational backgrounds, allocated to 33 offshore teams and growing. They are specialists in various fields and industries, able to work on different platforms and languages, and flexible to deliver day after day based on the team priorities. Read more about our outsourcing teams.


Strict recruitment standards

All of our developers are strictly recruited based on objective qualifications, and we seek the most qualified individuals in the industry. Applicants are interviewed by different levels of managements before being offered a position in the organization.


Regular technical training

We constantly invest in the technical skills of our staff to ensure they are on top of the latest technology trends and development and testing methodologies. While monthly knowledge sharing between teams allows developers to share experience and learn new skills, annual Development Days are a real opportunity to catch up with the latest trends in technology and allow developers and testers to decide where to focus their learning efforts moving forward.


High profile multinational management

Our blended team ensure that every team follows the best practices defined by the organization, while investing in the diversity of the work environment. This allows colleagues from multiple cultural backgrounds to contribute their own ideas and create a dynamic working environment that directly benefits our clients.


Valuable employee benefits

Employees are our greatest asset. We offer a work-life balance with various clubs, activities and company trips that employees are able to participate in. We value our employees families and offer free childcare to ensure our employees are with us for the long-term.