Updating your applications

Software applications need constant maintenance and enhancements due to pressure from technology, customers, and competitors to stay current and competitive. As budgets shrink and application environments grow more complex, it pays to have an experienced IT outsourcing partner.

While corrective maintenance aims at maximizing application availability, adaptive and perfective maintenance provides the competitive edge to stay ahead in any industry.

Our strengths

Increasing quality with loyal dedicated teams

Maintenance requires pro-active teams who understand your business and can deliver quality releases quickly and efficiently. Moreover, mobile and BI applications are typically updated and released every 6 months or less. In the context of value-added maintenance, building a dedicated team ensures quality and speed in your app development. We create dedicated offshore teams starting from 5 team members, tailored specifically for customers’ individual requirements.

We ensure the stability of software applications and management systems according to your operational requirements and provide system enhancements at your request. See list of our outsourcing teams.

Reducing maintenance costs with testing tools

With strong expertise in deploying and maintaining applications across a wide range of industries, especially in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resources, our engineers apply automated testing tools to perform regression testing and identify potential issues. In addition, Agile methodology allows us to execute continuous integration and delivery to fit your needs.